Magnetic silica particles (sicastar®-M)

  • are available with mean diameters of 350 nm or 1.5 µm
  • are produced by hydrolysis of orthosilicates in the presence of magnetite,
  • have a hydrophilic surface with terminal Si-OH-bonds (plain),
  • have monomodal size distributions,
  • can easily be separated with conventional permanent magnets,
  • are extremely stable in organic solvents and at high temperatures,
  • are designed with the surface functionalities NH2, COOH, N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and epoxy for the covalent binding of proteins, antibodies or other molecules,
  • can be offered with the nickel-(II)-complex of nitrilotriacetic acid (Ni-NTA) for the binding of histidine labeled proteins,
  • are available with a hydrophobic octadecyl (C18) surface.


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