Magnetic particles

Magnetic particles
Fields of use

Micromod’s range includes a variety of magnetic nano and microparticles for various applications in the life sciences sector. Our brochure on magnetic particles summarizes selected applications as tracers in magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic particle imaging, hyperthermia, for homing and tracking of stem cells, as well as targeting and selective separation of biomolecules or metal ions.

Dextran (nanomag®-D, perimag®, synomag®-D)
Vernetztes Dextran (nanomag®-CLD)
Bionisiertes NanoFerrit (BNF-Partikel)
Polystyrol / Polymethacrylat (micromer®-M)
Silikat (sicastar®-M, sicastar®-M-CT)
Silikat-verstärktes Dextran (nanomag®-silica)
Eisenoxid (Eisenoxid-Partikel, synomag®)

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Key features

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