BNF-F particles

Red fluorescent magnetic bionized nanoferrite particles (BNF-redF and BNF-far redF)

  • combine separation and detection purposes,
  • are available with red (excitation: 552 nm, emission: 580 nm) and far-red fluorescence (excitation: 732 nm, emission: 758 nm),
  • are thermally blocked at room temperature and show specific interaction with alternating magnetic fields,
  • are prepared via the core-shell method with a core of 75-80% (w/w) magnetite and a shell of crosslinked dextran (BNF-Dextran-F) or crosslinked hydroxyethyl starch (BNF-Starch-F),
  • are available with a particle diameter of 100 nm and can be separated with conventional permanent magnets,
  • are available with a plain surface or with amino groups on the surface for the covalent binding of proteins, antibodies or other molecules,
    are available with covalently bound streptavidin.

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